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Why Bother?

I maintain this site for free.  It's a crime of passion.  Some of the charts, lists, reviews and cheat sheets are for name brand products and I don't want to get sued.  So, I offer everything for download only to members.  I am not selling or otherwise accidentally making available any proprietary information or trade secrets of any products or companies to the general public.  (just a finite list of O.G. Growers that also contribute information).


Canna companies, growers, and services are invited to send grow related products for review.  Be warned, I will use it assuming the best and review it honestly without bias. 

  • If it makes growing bigger buds easier for us O.G. Growers I will promote the heck out of it. If I believe in it, I will absolutely pass it along to everyone I know. 

  • If it hurts my girls, does not live up to its hype, is overpriced or overly complicated; I will let everyone know that instead.  


It will save everyone time and grief if companies refrain from sending any crap products.​



This is a site for the free exchange of cannabis related educational material between cannabis growing adults.  Opinions expressed are just that, opinions.  

This is a relatively open forum of like-minded individuals.  If you are offended by anything here you are probably on the wrong site.  Go away, problem solved!

Message from Bobby Budz

I started this site to provide cannabis related help to my many older friends and family members that asked for it.  It is a labor of love and I do not charge for it.  That said, if I say something that offends you it is unintentional


Bobby Budz will use any products sent and report on them using very simple criteria...did it make growing great buds easier for someone that doesn't have a degree in budology. .  

  • Bobby Budz will do its best to provide accurate, researched information and provide it in a candid and easy to understand manner to its members (mostly old school growers). 

  • Membership is free.  This site and the information contained herein is offered as a free community service.  Any shared information or graphics will cite the original source and authors.  Any product reviews will an honest attempt to grow amazing buds in the easiest possible manner.    

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