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Making it Easier to Grow Organic Cannabis

I grew up in Santa Cruz, California, in the 70s and 80s. My dad grew, all my friends grew, so I grew too.  Forty years later, I live in Arizona. When cannabis was legalized here, I took a stab at growing again. Wow, a lot has changed since the 70s!

There are more scientific methods, a ton of new expensive toys to buy, and a ton more nutrients to deal with. Admittedly pot has gotten better and better, so there is value in the new methodologies.  Three years and a few thousand dollars later, employing old-school methods and the best of new, I have developed a solid, easy-to-replicate organic grow method that won't break the bank, or require lab technicians. 


I will try to make all the mistakes myself, then document them so you won't have to. I bought all the wrong shit and can tell you all about it.  I found better shit on the cheap and am very happy with every grow now.  


I am looking forward to growing Bobby Budz with you into a pot resource like no other.

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