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Hi, I'm Bobby Budz.  I am originally from Santa Cruz, CA.  I've been growing pot since the 1980s.  My dad was a pot grower, all my friends were growers, and so I was a grower. 


Back then, we grew whatever seeds came in our best ounces (usually a few if you were lucky).  We called almost everything "Sinso," short for sinsemilla. We had our strains, too, like Big Sur Holy Weed's little sister, Santa Cruz Holy Weed.  We grew Maui Wowie, the occasional Thai Stick seed, and some superior Columbian. After a few years, we created and grew our strains.  We didn't name them as much back then as we smoked them.  

Today, I leverage all the best methods I learned back in the day, plus the ongoing education I am getting about modern growing methods.  My girls are happy, my friends are stoned, and also have the most beautiful CBD strains for our Levo to make gummies and oils with.

Hopefully, there is something here of use to you.  Let me know what you'd like to see added.

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