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Mom Maui Wowie x GDP/Purple Urkel

Dad  Pineapple Express/Alchemy 


Powie Wowie and add pineapple express, just made sense. It tastes and smells great, smokes great and makes wonderful smelling oils. It is sweeter and fruitier than Powie Wowie and provides an interestingly lighter couch lock than the Wowie or Pink.  You're still not going anywhere, but you feel like you could if you wanted to. 

Powie Pinapple Regular Seeds

  • Powie Wowie is Maui Wowie crossed with Grand Daddy Purple / Purple Urkle pollen. Then I added Pineapple Express / Alchemy.  to give it a sweet fruity tatse with some skunk in there (probably from the alchemy). 

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