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I bought Mosca Seeds' Mt Deux Baja Blast and grew them all scratch and sniffing for one without lemon smell (those would be the ones that smell like baja blast.  One of my big girls went hermie so I bagged them and let them go to seed.  I only have about 400 of these.

Mtn Deux | S1 Baja Blast Feminized

  • The history of these plants reads like science fiction. A team worked on the strain forever to get the flavor and yield right, then before going public with them, the lead on the team took a job for NASA working on their lighting system.

    The rest of the team released them anyway and I am thrilled they did. They were expensive as fuck ($20 per bean), but I definitely wanted this high THC, high yield, hearty Indica dominant strain with Pink 2.0 genetics.

    Her sisters smoked wonderfully, providing a sweet/sour fruity flavor and a somewhat energetic buzz. It was great for my anxiety and back pain.


    Dominant: Indica

    THC: Up to 28%

    CBD: Med Low 

    Flowering Times: 63 Days

    Seeds Per: Pack 3, 5, 10, 25



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