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Mom was a Maui Wowie plant grown from an old bag of seeds I had stashed away. After several attempts at sprouting and a few unwanted males later, I had a girl.  She was green and healthy, and she smelled sweet and musty with a THC of 17%. I whacked her in the bush with a GDP/Purple Urkle pollen bag. The seeds they produced grew into fat, bushy plants 4.5 feet tall in my little garage greenhouse using Humbolt County’s Own nutrients and 7-gallon cloth buckets.


Dad, I planted a few GDP and Purple Urkel seeds a friend brought me from Cali.  I loved the high, taste, and expando exhale. You can taste GDP prominently in the mix and provide much of its smell, hit, and buzz. I liked the high. The low percentage of Sativa from the Maui Wowie makes me chatty as hell. The hardcore Indica strains keep the buzz grounded in chillness.

I tried the GDP pollen on several other girls, Landrace Thai, Landrace S. African, Zacateca Tribute, and Soul Mate, to increase the buzz without killing the legacy Wowie taste.  The other combinations were good but hit like watered-down GDP/PU or super Stoney dirt weed.  The Maui combo created a unique hardcore buzz, a little zip, and a familiar old-school taste. I went down that road and forgot about the other combos.  I blame the Powie. 

Powie Wowie Regular Seeds

  • Powie Wowie is Maui Wowie crossed with Grand Daddy Purple / Purple Urkle pollen. They are hardy, easy to grow and provide a perfect buzz.  The smells and kolas are as good and tasty as any I have ever grown, bar none.  The GDP/Purp Urk provides a lot of Indica couchlock and good tasting smoke.  The Maui Wowie is an old school sativa coming in at only 17%, so you get a little chattiness, creativity, and thinking time in while you are zoning on the sofa. 

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