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Zacateca Tribute (mom) and Mtn Deux Baja Blast (dad). Both strains grow huge and are comprised of amazing and rare genetics. Mom is one of the best of the Sativas and Dad provides the best Indica has to offer.  WARNING: Beginners can grow it, but only pros should smoke it.




MOM: Zacateca Tribute: Highland Oaxacan Gold x Big Sur Holy Weed

Dominant: Sativa

Type: F1 Hybrid

  • THC: High
  • Flowering time: 70-76 weeks
  • Bush Shape: Christmas tree
  • Aromas: Pine, blond hash, flower.
  • Yield: High
  • Height: Medium Tall
  • Seeds: Green Mountain Seeds


PAPA: Mt. Deux, Baja Blast: Sour Kush (mom) x Pink 2.0 (papa)

  • Dominant: Indica
  • THC: Up to 28%
  • CBD: Pink 2.0 Genetics
  • Flowering Times: 63 Days
  • Seeds Per: Pack 3, 5, 10
  • Line: THE PINK LINEAromas: Lavender, lemon, fruit
  • Yield: High
  • Height: Medium Tall Monsters
  • Seeds: Mosca Seeds

    Baja Bomb

    • Mom: Zacateca Tribute

      This mostly Mexican cultivar is the essence of some of the rarest Mexican cannabis strains on the Planet: Purple Zacatecas Mexican sativa, which is present in Big Sur Holy Weed genetic heritage. It also includes the genetics of Highland Oaxacan Gold: They are big and sassy!


      Dad: Mt. Deux, Baa Blast

      I bought Mosca Seeds' Mt Deux Baja Blast and grew them all. Scratch and sniffing for one without lemon smell (those would be the ones that smell like baja blast. One of my big girls went hermie so I bagged them and let them go to seed. I only have about 400 of these left.

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